João Bota


At five years of age – his family his first croud, the living-room his first stage – João Bota, originally from Viseu, took his first songs out of his chest. Music has been, since then, an essential part of what defines him.

It was in his own bedroom that he learned how to play guitar, how to write his first songs and where he started dreaming of being a musician. Still in Viseu, he was the lead singer of Rebel Inc. and Contrabandit and, in 2010, he entered “Operação Triunfo”, where he reached the live-shows and introduced himself to the Portuguese audience.

João Bota
João Bota Bio

Since then, he never stopped writing and composing. After his first EP, titled Tarde Demais, followed his first full original album, Vícios. In the last several years, he has been trying to balance his professional career with his great passion, music. In 2020, he helped Meera co-compose a song for the Eurovision Song Contest, Copo de Gin.

Now, he is back with his new single, O que é que eu fiz de mal?, a tasty appetizer for his new album, about to be released.